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Candidate Testimonials

"Changing companies and roles is a daunting personal task that at some point most everyone experiences. The partnership that StarCorpSolutions showed and the time and energy that Tracy put in to make the experience as easy as possible speaks volumes about her and her company. She gets it.

Tracy has clearly earned the respect of companies she works with and she understands the corporate environment/culture of each company. This aids in the transition for the candidate and also ensures the searching company and candidate, a good fit. The start of a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship. In my particular case, Tracy was a great partner and although she was working for a company to place a candidate, she also was working for me to ensure I was prepared, informed and able to succeed in each step of the search and through the successful landing of a new career opportunity. She really was on my team, coaching me through the entire process. I owe Tracy and StarCorp a tremendous amount for their efforts and support in starting a wonderful new career."

- Tom D.

"I had the recent good fortune to work with Tracy Royal from StarCorpSolutions. Tracy is a high class recruiter who is both professional and personable. I was impressed with Tracy's knowledge and skill level. She has a high level of integrity and at no time did I feel like I was not telling or hearing the whole story. I look forward to working again with Tracy as I begin to fill other positions within the organization. I am looking forward to my new role and know that I am going in with all my questions answered. I would recommend Tracy to anyone who is looking for a strong, ethical and amazing recruiter."

- Susan G.

"Tracy Royal is my new best friend. Never before have I encountered someone so genuinely committed to my success. Through every step of the process Tracy remained focused on what was right for me, and not just filling the position. There was a level of trust and a sense of partnership not commonly found in the recruiting world. This added to my level of confidence throughout the interview process and Tracy's advice and assistance were invaluable in positioning me as the top candidate. The opportunity Tracy connected me to is not only a significant career advancement, but easily qualifies for "dream-job" status.

Thanks to Tracy I am about to embark on the beginning of the rest of my career. Anyone fortunate enough to have Tracy's assistance in their job search will certainly find success, as well knowing you have a "secret weapon" when you're ready to make that next career move."

- Jim D.

"Tracy did an excellent job in helping me find a great new career opportunity, even given my strict geographical requirements and unique work history. I left my last position to relocate after 11 years with my previous company. Tracy was able to help me find a great job 20 minutes from home, utilizing my previous call center experience and providing me great growth opportunities within the company. Tracy was wonderful in her pre-interview preparation assistance and follow-up. She was also a great support during the four-month process from first interview to offer, keeping me upbeat and positive. I would recommend her to anyone in the call center industry looking for their next career move. Thanks Tracy!!"

- Mike U.

"I am writing this to give my testimonial for how wonderful Tracy Royal has been to work with. I really wasn't looking for another position at the time, however I was very frustrated with my position. Tracy let me know about a wonderful opportunity which both increased my income and cut my commute in half. She worked with me every step of the way, I never felt that I was left in the dark. She kept in constant contact until every detail of the hiring process was completed. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a position within a call center organization."

- Alicia R.

"Tracy Royal and StarCorpSolutions was the best thing that ever happened to my job search. Tracy is the best of the best. She is professional, she provides all the information that is needed to prepare for a new career and she provides the moral support that one needs during a time of transition. My successful transition is all due to Tracy and I will always be grateful to her."

- Gary W.

"This letter is to both recognize and recommend the outstanding recruitment services of Tracy Royal. When I first spoke with Tracy, I had just left a company I had been employed by for 5 years. She immediately matched me up with a company that she felt was a great fit for me and vice versa.

Having only worked for 2 companies in the past 10 years, I was very "green" when it came to the entire interview process. Tracy took the time to explain every detail and address every concern that I had. At no time during my interview process did I ever feel like a number. Tracy made me feel as if I had a private career counselor. She returned phone calls and e-mails promptly and was both patient and professional at all times.

The end result of the process was a fantastic opportunity with a great company! Tracy was simply outstanding throughout this process. I have not worked with many recruitment professionals, but cannot imagine anyone being better than Tracy."

- Ray M.

"Making the decision to change jobs is one that affects your whole life. Working with Tracy made the process easier. It is obvious that Tracy understands the balance that needs to exist between the needs of the employer and the needs of the potential employee. She is a true professional and I would use her services again, for myself or to fill open positions on my staff."

- Maureen W.

"Tracy Royal with StarCorpSolutions was very helpful in placing me in a Professional Position. Tracy kept me informed throughout the process. I recommend StarCorpSolutions to any Professional seeking a job. Thanks Tracy."

- S. Smith

"Tracy made the job search experience very pleasant for me. I was impressed by her ability to prepare me throughout the whole process from the interview to the offer. I felt informed and supported at all times by her professionalism and experience, and knew at each step what to expect. She is the benchmark to whom all others in her field should be measured."

- Dale S.

"Tracy handled my search with the utmost professionalism and energy. She has extensive knowledge of the call center industry, which made for an easy identification of my skills and experience. Tracy was able to understand my background and career goals and successfully match them to the opportunity being offered."

- Dave F.

"Finding a new job can be very frustrating... I was beginning to think that finding the perfect job was going to be nearly impossible without relocating or changing industries. Then I heard from Tracy. What a blessing she turned out to be!!!

For the first time, I was speaking to a recruiter who understands the call center industry. So often, it seems you have to explain to recruiters what it is you do in a call center. Not with Tracy. She's been on the front lines of call centers and understands what skill sets are needed to successful. Finally, someone was speaking my language!! Talk about relief!

Interviews were set up for me with my new company (yes, I ended up landing that perfect job!!!) Throughout the interview process, Tracy was supportive, provided me tips and was my biggest cheerleader. I couldn't have done it without her (at least not as sanely!!) Big thanks to Tracy -- I love my job!"

- Karoni F.

"Tracy is a wonderful resource. Her knowledge and experience in the call center industry is outstanding but her real asset lies with her ability to match people with opportunities. I am leaving a job that I am quite happy with to move onto an even better opportunity that I didn't even know was out there. She made it happen for me. In addition while working with her she helped me to hone my interview skills, resume writing ability, and my salesmanship. All of which helped me land a higher paying more satisfying position.

Thanks so much."

- Mike B.

"I would just like to extend my sincere appreciation to Tracy for everything that she has done to prepare me for my new opportunity. Tracy is PHENOMENAL! From the very first day I spoke with Tracy to the day an offer was extended to me, she was fantastic. I couldn't have done it without her! Tracy remained consistent in her ability to answer any questions I had about the company and the position. She prepared me with interview scenarios, key points to touch upon, provided examples, etc...the list goes on. And she was always so positive! I felt as though I've known her for years. Tracy was such a pleasure to work with, it makes me want to start the career hunt all over again! Just kidding!

Thanks again Tracy for all that you've done to keep me going in the right direction!"

- Brad V.

"I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of the support and help you have given me over the past few months. Your valuable insight has made my job search process much easier and successful.

I'd like to thank you for your assistance over the past 4 months. I feel that I have reached the completion of one part of my career and the beginning of the next stage of the journey. I want you to know that you are a part of an important network of people who provided the advice, suggestions, referrals, and support that helped bring to life my next career opportunity.

Thank you for your help and cooperation in my career search. You provided necessary encouragement, motivation, and support and it has made a tremendous difference over the past few months while I have been looking for a new job."

- Ernie J.

"Tracy is outstanding! Her knowledge of the call center industry enabled her to tailor-fit me into the right position rather than finding and filling a job opening. Her pre-interview preparation and support was indispensable! She is more than a recruiter. Tracy is a lifetime career coach!"

- Darryl R.

"I would recommend that anyone who is looking for a "career opportunity," give real consideration to working with Tracy Royal. Her expertise in evaluating the candidate's aspirations, with her clients' needs is truly unique. Along with the grace of God, Tracy was very instrumental in helping me secure my "dream job." She always presented both herself and the client in a positive and professional manner. Tracy was a true pleasure and joy to work with."

- Shane N.

"I was reluctant about changing careers. I had been with my previous employer for close to 5 years. I knew I was ready for a change but I was scared to "test the waters". Tracy helped me realize my potential and encouraged me to submit my resume. Her confidence in my ability grew my self-confidence! She coached me with my phone and face to face interview. I feel like she literally held my hand through every step. I was full of questions and Tracy answered every one honestly and professionally.

Tracy is awesome! I am going to work for a wonderful company and starting a new exciting endeavor because of her!!!"

- V. Lyons

"Having always obtained jobs from friends and referrals, I was lacking experience in interviewing skills. With Tracy's knowledge and expertise, I felt comfortable and confident interviewing even with my lack of experience. Tracy showed a genuine interest in my success and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Her recommendations helped me land the job I truly wanted. I have already referred friends to Tracy and will absolutely continue to do so! Thanks!"

- Sarah N.

"A company merger forced me to back into the resume pool after 8 years in an inside sales center. Tracy guided me to a terrific opportunity with a Fortune 500 company, giving direction and feedback throughout the process. Tracy's in-depth familiarity with the unique needs of top notch call centers as well as the career desires of inside sales representatives creates an unmitigated win-win synergy for both players.

I confidently recommend Tracy and StarCorpSolutions to both companies and job seekers alike. I've never worked with a recruiter who gave as much personal attention to my success as Tracy did. She took the time to explain each step of the interview process, gave critical pre-interview preparation, valuable post-interview feedback, and kept me informed of my status with the potential employer. Tracy genuinely cares about the candidates she selects and puts forth tremendous efforts to assure the attainment of not just another job-but a great career."

- Valerie S.

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