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Direct Recruiting

What is the difference between direct recruiting and a traditional hiring method? Now, more than ever, companies have the need for high producing team members. The fat has been trimmed and we are running lean. So, where you do you find these superstars?

They are currently working for your competitor or in a similar capacity. They put in a full day, everyday. They are the leaders of their teams. They know call center processes. They are literate in call center technology. And they are probably not responding to ads or job fairs. They are too busy achieving goals in their current environment.

This is where we come in. Our network of call center professionals across the country will allow us to search, screen, and pre-qualify the candidates that you are looking for. You can be assured that before you make a hiring decision, you have had an opportunity to look at the best the industry has to offer. Instead of looking at a pile of resumes, you can review direct recruited call center leaders.

Industry Benchmark

We all have questions about Market Place Reference (MPR). Are your salaries competitive for the position, location, and requirements? What up to date technology you should be aware of? What is the inside scoop on technology and vendor solutions?

Let us help answer some of your questions, review options, and brainstorm creative solutions.

How to Combat Call Center Management Turnover

Employee turnover is a harsh reality in the world of call centers. There are multiple reasons that attrition continues to be the number-one battle for a call center's management team. But, surprisingly, the top reasons that employees choose to leave do not involve salary. Rather, exit interviews conducted by employers cite the following reasons for leaving as the most common:

  • Lack of recognition and rewards
  • Lack of advancement opportunities
  • Lack of feedback/communication from management
  • Not feeling valued by the company
  • Lack of training
  • Lack of responsibility
  • Lack of challenging work

So what can you do to slow down the revolving door? Actually, you can do a lot.

In the good old days, people graduated from high school or college, went to work for a Fortune 500 company and retired in 30 years with a gold watch. Times have changed. Companies are constantly being bought, sold, closed, and merged. The effect: employees are getting lost in the masses.

Companies now look to find Senior Managers who can bring a team with them. Employees want to work for people who are leaders. Creating strong management teams is critical to the success of any call center. A strong manager can change a "sweat shop" into an "employer-of-choice". As the saying goes, "birds of a feather, flock together". The right key manager can recruit, hire, and retain top call center professionals.

How important is it to hire a strong manager? Just look at the hidden costs associated with employee turnover including: costs of termination, hiring, training, vacancy costs, and loss of productivity. These costs are broken down using a simple formula, which was recently published in Employment Management Today.

All of the above elements can be lumped into the following cost calculation formula:
Number of Employees Lost x Average Salary x 30% = Annual Turnover Cost.
The 30% figure is a combination of a conservative cost estimate of the departed employee's salary and the time associated with the elements mentioned above.

For example, assume a company has 5,000 employees with the average salary of $35,000. Now assume the annual turnover rate is 25%. The costs would break out this way:
5,000 x 25% = 1,250 (employees lost in one year) 1,250 x $35,000 x 30% = $13,125,000 (total turnover cost in one year)
If this company were able to reduce the turnover rate by 10%, the annual savings would be $5,250,000.

Looking at these staggering costs, you can see how critical it is to build a strong Call Center Management Team. Please feel free to forward any additional questions or concerns to:

Tracy Royal

Activate Your Search

You can contact us with your current hiring needs. We will review the position requirements to ensure that we are providing valuable candidates for your review. Please contact us directly by calling 888-675-2404 or send and email to

Bottom line, we are here to help. Help save time, help both parties through the interview process, and help ensure the right cultural fit and skill set for a win-win outcome.

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