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Client Testimonials

I have just completed my first search with Tracy Royal and StarCorpSolutions and I am very satisfied with the results. Tracy is great - she worked with me to identify several potential candidates to choose from. I really liked many of them but for one reason or the other it was not an exact fit. This helped us to get even more refined in our search and we ended up with a great hire from my perspective. Tracy's patience and diligence is the reason why. This may be one of the best "recruiter" experiences I have had in my twenty plus years of hiring people. I will definitely use her again should the need arise!

- Dave M.

I recently had a very specialized position to fill and was worried that I would not find appropriate candidates.Tracy at StarCorpSolutions was able to put viable candidates in front of me within a reasonable amount of time.I would not have had the time nor the resources to conduct the search myself.I was extremely impressed with the caliber of individuals referred to me.Working with Tracy eased a great deal of concern with her quick response time and search.If I had not relied on Tracy for this job search, I would still be sorting through stacks of unqualified resumes.

-Susan G.

"I started a new job and clearly identified gaps in the caliber of employees I needed to take on new operations. Tracy has earned my and my supervisors respect in the past in assisting us with filling positions. However, this time she has outdone herself. The individual she assisted me with to fill the most critical position in my organization is outstanding. He was able to hit the ground running and we are reaping the benefits of his expertise almost immediately. Tracy is a superstar in her field and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to fill key positions in the Call Center arena."

-Jill L.

"Tracy Royal is simply the best recruiter that I have ever worked with. Her expertise in evaluating talent and her creative approach to sourcing qualified candidates makes working with her an absolute delight. Unlike many recruiters, Tracy strikes a perfect balance between being tenacious and being patient. Her network is such that she has been able to present candidates from entry level supervisors up to Department Managers and Director's, and the time that she spends understanding the type of person that we are looking for means that every candidate presented is viable. I have been responsible for staffing call center's for the past 8 years - there is simply nobody in the recruiting industry that comes close to Tracy's level of service. On top of everything else - she's one of the nicest people I've ever worked with!"

-Jamie E.

"With my position as an Executive Level Recruiting Manager with a midsize company, I get consistently called upon by recruiters on a daily basis. After trying to work with a few them without much success or satisfaction, I was very pleased to come across Tracy Royal. I can honestly say that Tracy is the best recruiter that I have ever worked with in our industry.

I have appreciated her professionalism, attention to detail, timeliness, feedback, honesty, and the time she has spent in understanding our business and culture. Most importantly, she has treated each one of our candidates going through the selection and interview process with the utmost respect. It has been a great representation of our company and a positive first impression for all the candidates. She has brought us quality individuals who are still on board with us today and doing great.

I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone who is in need of a recruiter and wants to only work with the best. Working with her has been an on-going, win-win situation for us."

-Kim B.

"The quality of the candidates Tracy sent me was exceptional - she seemed to know exactly what I was looking for! Tracy was able to find these candidates quickly too, which really helped, since I had an immediate need.

I felt very well-supported throughout the process - Tracy was extremely responsive, and gave me some of the best customer service I have ever experienced!

I never could have found such a great candidate without Tracy's help!"

-Deb W.

"Tracy is a professional who has delivered in difficult recruitment locations.

In a world that has significant noise because she asks the right questions. This process helps filter through the market for candidates who truly will deliver.

She is able to develop a simple relationship built on client need and common courtesy."

-Paul G.

"I was recently in a situation where a very unique position within my organization became vacant. I needed to fill this position with a quality individual in a very short time. I was referred to Tracy to handle the recruitment for the position.

The whole experience was a very enjoyable one for me. Tracy is very knowledgeable in the field(s) that she recruits. She had quality applicants for me to look within the very first day! This was much better than I had expected. Tracy is very professional, polite, courteous, etc... Overall, she is just a pleasure to deal with. I never had to worry about follow up or anything like that because Tracy's energy took care of that. She was as excited to fill the position with a QUALITY applicant as I was.

I am totally pleased with the individual that was selected from Tracy's referral. I can't say enough how much filling this position so quickly with a quality individual has meant to me.

Tracy, is a lifesaver!!!"

- Duke W.

"Tracy was invaluable to our recent search for a management professional in the call center industry. Not only did she provide us with many candidates to screen, but they were all quality individuals. Tracy was exceptional in her ability to organize details beginning with the interview and continuing until the offer was accepted. We would definitely ask Tracy to assist us with future needs."

-Grace G.

"Working with Tracy Royal on our open positions has made the recruiting process much easier. Tracy has been incredibly helpful in preparing the candidates with a realistic expectation of our interview process and in coordinating both the phone screens and face-to-face interviews. She's ALWAYS pleasant and professional, with just the right amount of persistence. We have been able to hire several people with her help, and we look forward to continuing to work with her in the future."

-Monica D.

"StarCorpSolutions has proven to be a responsive and committed partner that has presented several qualified candidates, saving me countless hours of screening, interviewing and reference checking."

-Ken W.

"We were up against an aggressive timeline to hire 12 positions within our organization. Our internal hiring process and recruiting efforts were getting us nowhere. We didn't have anyone dedicated to sourcing the candidates that we desperately needed and we were quickly running out of time to get people on board.

So, I reached out to Tracy and she jumped into action. Placing the ad on several websites (including one we used, too, but she was able to somehow get several hundred hits to our 50-60.) She sourced very qualified candidates. She worked with me to get phone interviews and face to face interviews conducted. More importantly, she was a strategic partner throughout the process. She suggested having the candidates complete an assessment to get an idea of their fit for the position. She processed the assessments, not only for the candidates she recruited, but also other candidates that had come to us through our own recruiting efforts. She worked with me on preparing interview questions to ensure we got the input we needed to make the right hiring decision.

She was relentless in finding us candidates and worked tirelessly to make sure I met my expectation of having 12 people hired and ready for training. I have received very positive feedback about the group--how qualified they are, how dynamic they are and a good fit for the position. The business owners are very pleased!

Tracy is an absolute joy to work with. Professional and personable. If we have any future recruiting needs, you can be sure I'll call Tracy and would gladly recommend her to any of my colleagues."

-Kim B.

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